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Ott Properties has private Equity Offices in Paris, Berlin and Prague. A key European player since 1991


About Our Company

Ott Properties is a diversified family office and investment company based in Paris, Berlin and Prague. These key locations serve as a hub in our business throughout Europe where we have extensive knowledge of the markets in Poland, Croatia, Hungary and many others. We do not limit ourselves and we have other business interests in various international markets.

We are investors and specialists in Real Estate, Hospitality and Property Development since 1991. Over the years we have expanded our range of activities to become entrepreneurs and investors in private equity and venture capital. Our portfolio consists of assets in France, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia and many other locations. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and to execute new market disruptive concepts. Ott Properties and its carefully selected exclusive partners are constantly looking towards creating a better future.

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Our Activities

Ott Properties is structured around 6 major divisions that mold our investment activities.


Real Estate

We are investors since 1991 with over 200 projects completed ...



We look to bring business efficiency to the hotel industry ...


Alternative investments

Bussiness matters, but nothing is possible without passions ...

We are highly specialised and we conduct our business from 3 key geographical locations of Paris, Berlin and Prague that also act as our springboards in the surrounding regions as we continue in our search for sourcing the highest standard of investments.

Meet Our Team

A company is only as important as the people working within it. At Ott Properties we believe in creating success through nurturing a philosophy of entrepreneurial business and constant search for betterment. We have a multi-located and highly diversified team.

Jean-François Ott
Chairman of Ott Partners

"At Ott Partners, we take pride in our achievements and we are looking forward to the future. Our time proven success lies in our vision driven entrepreneurial spirit, and drive for constant growth within our diversified company."

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“If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.”
Elon Musk

Our Portfolio

Ott Properties is defined by its portfolio both past and present.

Jean-Francois and Nicolas Tommasini have built up a legacy of over 200 developments that bring a wealth of experience that shape how we do our business today.

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